01 Sept 2023 DCE faculty and staff welcomed a new batch of BS Civil Engineering students


22 Sept 2023 Associate Prof. Perlie Velasco delivered a professorial chair entitled “Recovery of Dissolved Methane From Anaerobic Effluent Using Hollow Fibre Membrane Contactors” held at CE 101, Senen Miranda Hall

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A virtual tour of the DCE

Want to take a look at the home that nurtured the leaders in civil engineering? You may want to check this virtual tour presented at the Freshmen Orientation 2020.

Student Organizations

Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers - UPLB Chapter (PICE - UPLB)

The Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers, Inc. Laguna Chapter – University of the Philippines Los Baños (PICE – UPLB) is a student chapter organization of the PICE, Inc., a national organization for civil engineers in the Philippines. The student chapter organization upholds the mission, vision, and goals of PICE, Inc. all while attaining academic excellence and inspiring trust, equality, and camaraderie among our members. The organization also strives to build lasting relations with other chapters through various organized events.

University of the Philippines Civil Engineering Society (UPCES)

The University of the Philippines Civil Engineering Society or UPCES is the pioneering organization for Civil Engineering students of the University of the Philippines Los Baños. UPCES started out in 1993 when the first batch of UPLB CE students decided to form a society dedicated to the growth and excellence of students not only in academics but also in sports, service, and other extra-curricular activities. UPCES takes pride in its numerous honor graduates, CE Board Exam topnotchers, and successful engineers from all around the globe. We, in UPCES, call ourselves “The Builders of the World.” At present, there are about 500 builders, residents and alumni alike. Beyond academic excellence, UPCES strives for the holistic development of its members and constituents into environmentally responsive and globally competitive engineers. Heading on to its 27th year, the Society of Builders continues to take pride in its determination to move forward in pursuit of noble and mighty goals.

Civil engineering Executive Organization (CEO)

The Civil Engineering Executive Organization (CEO), established on June 29, 2000 with four founders and 19 charter members, is a duly recognized academic organization based in the College of Engineering and Agro-Industrial Technology (CEAT) at the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB). For the past few years of its glorious existence in the university, CEO has continued to realize its goal of promoting academic and professional excellence in all of its endeavors, thus molding its members’ potentials of becoming socially responsible engineers. With the vision “seeing the bright future in Civil Engineering,” the organization will remain to fulfill its mission as an academic organization to contribute proficiently not just to its fellow engineering students but to the whole society as well.


Undergoing a broad and diversified curriculum has taught me adaptability and flexibility which are essential traits to have in a constantly changing environment. This also opens up multiple career options while being equipped with adequate technical competency for each, as a result of undergoing stimulating exercises, enlightening presentations and challenging examinations throughout my undergraduate course. In addition, such undertakings aided in developing determination and perseverance which are key attributes for success in particularly competitive fields like civil engineering. Our instructors and professors have enabled us with these qualities and skills which are highly sought of by employers both in the industry and in the academe.

Engr. Sirven Garibay

Magna cum laude, Nov 2016 Board Exam Top 1