The Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering is one of the six engineering degree programs offered in the College of Engineering & Agro-Industrial Technology (CEAT) in the University of the Philippines Los Baños. The 5-year curricular program was proposed in 1991 and was first offered in June 1992 with Dr. Danielito T. Franco as the first program leader and was followed by Dr. Victor S. Luis, Sr. As a newly-established degree, members of the faculty were recruited including Engr. Purificacion A. Orno, Engr. Marloe B. Sundo, Engr. Jennifer R.Bacud, and Engr. Vicente D. Pastor. In 1995, Dr. Senen M. Miranda was appointed as the first department chair.  Ms. Sofie Merin was assigned as the department’s administrative assistant.  Having the difficulty in recruiting faculty members in the succeeding years, the department relied on lecturers coming from different government and non-government agencies within Los Baños.  After almost 20 years from its establishment, the department now has three PhD graduates, three Masters Degree holders and five instructors as members of the faculty.



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